Why Alkaline Water Beats Bottled Water Hands Down!

In data recently released by the Beverage Marketing Corporation, it was apparent that one area of growth exceeded it’s projected performance.  Sales of bottled water are over and above the industry forecast, and it begs the question why that might be.

Millions of these end up in landfill every year.
Millions of these end up in landfill every year.

Damage Limitation?

A desire to be a bit healthier?  Certainly water is a better option than soda.  An inevitable reaction to the frightening stories about exactly what the water that comes out of your taps might contain?  After Flint came Bruni, and if recent reports are to be believed, there’s more trouble brewing in the pipelines of America.

Disposable Dilemma

But bottled water is a bit of a sticking plaster, and an environmental sticking point.  Drinking it long term is bad for the planet, as a lot of plastic ends up in landfill.  The environmentally friendly portable option is a Tyent GoodLife bottle that you can fill with alkaline water and take out and about with you instead of buying a disposable plastic alternative.

What’s more, not all bottled waters are created equally.  Much of it is simply purified water, devoid of minerals or any added value.

Alkaline Water Fuels Sports

When you drink ionized water you know that you’re benefiting from multiple minerals and free-radical busting antioxidants, together with the ultra-hydrating properties that mean sports people and athletes are devoted fans.

“After a week of trying Tyent ionized water out on myself, I could not believe the difference I felt after the extreme efforts of training and effort.”

~ Clara Hughes, 2006 Gold Medal Winner, Speed Skating

6 Cents – It Makes Sense!

So alkaline water means less waste, incredible health benefits, more efficient hydration, and no worries about any nasties lurking in your drinking water.  So here’s the clincher.  Water from your Tyent Ionizer comes in at about 6 cents per glass.  Incredible, right?  We said it was a clincher.

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We Love Talking About Alkaline Water!

To chat more about ionizer options, give one of our expert advisors a call .  We can customize a system to suit your needs and we’ll even prepare a free water report for you, based on your unique source water.

So while bottled water might be having a “moment,” alkaline water is far and away the best option for you, the planet and your pocket!

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