Everything You Need to Know About Molecular Hydrogen Water

molecular hydrogen water

Hydrogen is the buzzword on everyone’s lips when it comes to health and well-being. But, have you heard of molecular hydrogen?

Below, we’ll break down exactly what it is: from its astonishing health benefits and how you can drink delicious molecular hydrogen water every day!

What is Molecular Hydrogen?
What Are the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen?
Is Ionized Water the Same as Molecular Hydrogen Water?
Is Consuming Hydrogen Water Safe?
How Can I Drink Alkaline Hydrogen Water?

molecular hydrogen water
What Does Hydrogen Water Do?

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen has the chemical formula H2 – and is composed of two bonded hydrogen atoms and is the smallest molecule in existence.

The molecule’s minute size enables molecular hydrogen to be dispersed readily in the body and cross through the blood/brain barrier.

What Are the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen?

There are more than 1,000 clinical studies done that reveal the countless benefits of consuming molecular hydrogen. (and more are being done as you read this sentence!)

Molecular hydrogen can be instrumental in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping with pain relief
  • Reducing pain in joints
  • Decelerating the natural aging process
  • Decreasing muscle fatigue

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Is Ionized Water the Same as Molecular Hydrogen Water?

Yes: a water ionizer machine uses your source water to transform ordinary tap water into natural, hydrogen-rich alkaline water using a system of filtration and ionization.

In fact – our ACE-13 and UCE-11 water ionizers both have revolutionary Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost technology that maximizes the hydrogen and antioxidant output to put the cutting-edge engineering of Tyent Water Ionizers WAY ahead of the field.

We also just came out with our one-of-a-kind Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer that includes a dedicated hydrogen cell AND an electrolysis chamber that will deliver the highest levels of therapeutic molecular hydrogen and antioxidants – making the Hybrid the healthiest machine ever! 

water ionizer
The ALL NEW Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Water Ionizer

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Is Consuming Hydrogen Water Safe?

Absolutely! It’s actually the ONLY type of hydrogen that you CAN drink to benefit your long-term health! (out of the 4 types)

Ionized hydrogen water is probably the most delicious water you’ll ever drink.

You don’t even have to wait long to experience how great it makes you feel – some of the benefits are almost immediate!

Hydrogen water is an excellent antioxidant because the microscopic size of H2 enables the water to enter the mitochondria of each cell to neutralize free radicals, which are volatile molecules that corrupt other healthy molecules in an attempt to stabilize themselves.

Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a water ionizer is also excellent for your skin because the molecular hydrogen helps:

  • Improve skin texture and elasticity
  • Slow down the natural aging process with anti-free radical action
  • Hydrate your skin

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How Can I Drink Alkaline Hydrogen Water?

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Installing a water ionizer at home is easy (and increasingly) the go-to option for families and people who want to drink the best tasting and safest water possible.

Having an alkaline water machine at home means that you can drink freshly ionized water – packed with molecular hydrogen, alkaline minerals, and antioxidants – at the push of a button.

Craving Hydrogen Water Yet?

water ionizer

Then, come and take a look at the marvelous deals we are running right now…where you can get up to 33% off our award-winning water ionizers that are backed by our “no-hassle” lifetime guarantee.

So, call right now to take a step towards better health with the powerful benefits of alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer!

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    1. Hi, Rico. Great question! We can measure the presence of hydrogen and even antioxidants in ionized water using the negative oxygen reduction potential (-ORP). The lower the level, the richer the water is with antioxidants. At Tyent, our water has the optimal -ORP levels, indicating the presence of molecular hydrogen. At Tyent, we use a hydrogen meter to measure hydrogen, too. Our 13-plate models make up to 1.2 ppm of molecular hydrogen, while our Hybrid makes molecular hydrogen up to 1.5 ppm.

      If you have other questions, we’d be happy to answer them, so please call us at 855-893-6887.

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