8 Easy Tips to Help You Drink More Water

8 Easy Tips to Help You Drink More Water

It should come as no surprise that we love water!  Drinking water helps flush out waste and toxins from your body.  It also prevents dehydration, helps achieve weight loss and keeps your skin hydrated and glowing.

Water is especially important when it’s very hot outside.  We can’t stress the importance of drinking enough water in the heat.  However, it’s not always easy to remember to drink enough water throughout the day.  Here are some tips to help you drink more water.

8 Easy Tips to Drink More #Water


1.  Make drinking a big glass of water upon waking part of your morning routine.

2.  Drink a glass of water before and after snacking or eating.  This can also help reduce the amount of food that you eat.

3.  Drink a glass of water at the top of every hour; that way, it’s easy to remember.

4.  Make it convenient.  Have a GoodLife bottle full of ionized alkaline water (Tyent Water) with you everywhere you go.

5.  Set up a reminder on your phone or computer.

6.  Flavor your water by adding a slice of lemon, cucumber or mint leaves to your water.

7.  Drink a glass of water after every trip to the restroom.

8.  Drink your water through a straw: it can make you take bigger gulps and drink more.

 8 Easy Tips to Drink More #Water

Do you have a tip that’s not listed here?  Please share with us by commenting below!

5 thoughts on “8 Easy Tips to Help You Drink More Water

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