10 Problems with Most Water Filters Today

Posted by: On September 8, 2022 12:05 pm

You suspect that – like millions of other Americans – your tap water might contain harmful, or even deadly contaminants. The answer (you think) is to get a water filter. The truth is that most water filters help to a degree – any level of filtration is better than nothing – but water filters have their own issues.


10 Problems with Most Water Filters Today


The 10 Problems with Water Filters

We’ve rounded up the 10 biggest problems with most water filters today, so that you can make an informed decision about the water you and your family drink.

1. False Sense of Security 1. The first problem with most water filters, is that if the water tastes okay, then it must be clean, right? …

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Water Pitchers Are a Total Waste of Money!

Posted by: On April 14, 2021 12:26 pm

Water pitchers. Easy to purchase. Easy to store. Cheap as chips. What’s not to love? The fact that they don’t work too well, maybe?

Harsh but true. Here’s why water pitchers are a complete waste of money:


Water Pitchers are a Waste of Money 1



  1. Water pitchers don’t filter out the most dangerous contaminants
  2. Water pitcher filters can be a breeding ground for bacteria
  3. Water pitchers don’t always tell you when the filter needs replacing
  4. Water pitchers have limited capacity and can be too slow for practical purposes
  5. Water ionizers are better than water pitchers



Water pitchers don’t filter out the most dangerous contaminants

There are lots of different types of water pitchers. Filters vary from model to model, but the one constant …

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Water Ionizers & Pre-filters: Magic Combination Against Unsafe Drinking Water

Posted by: On March 5, 2021 12:00 pm

There are more combinations of tap water contaminants than ever before. The cocktail of toxic elements that your tap water contains will be different to someone living in another part of the country.

When it comes to water filtration, one size does not fit all. In order to protect yourself and your family, you need to take a bespoke approach to cleaning up your water.


Water Ionizers and Pre-filters


What’s in Your Water? FREE Report!

First, you need to know exactly what’s in your water. We make this part easy – simply request your FREE Water Report from Tyent and we’ll work with you to find the right solution.

Installing a Tyent water ionizer at home means that you can filter out …

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5 Reasons to Love Tyent’s Ultra Filters

Posted by: On April 3, 2020 6:50 pm

We’re all worried about what’s in our water. We read about lead in our tap water at home, and in school water. Even Hollywood is buzzing with how toxic our tap water is.

But drinking enough water and maintaining healthy levels of hydration is vital. So what can we do to make sure that we’re drinking safe water all the time?

5 Reasons to Love Tyent’s Ultra Filters

Safety First With a Water Ionizer

A water ionizer is a perfect solution. It’s plumbed into your water supply so that your tap water runs through the water ionizer unit, where it is filtered, ionized and infused with therapeutic molecular hydrogen.

Filtering out toxins and contaminants from tap water is a challenge for lesser machines. …

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How To Change Your Water Ionizer Filters: MMP Models

Posted by: On March 26, 2019 2:00 pm

Even great products have a limited lifespan, and although Tyent’s water ionizer filters are extremely durable, they will eventually need to be replaced. Follow these steps!

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In this article:

  1. Tyent Engineers Designed the MMP Models with a Replacement Feature
  2. Water Ionizer Filters and Their Functions
  3. Tyent’s Dual Filtration System
  4. Replacing an MMP Filter

Steps to Change Tyent Water Ionizer Filters

Tyent Engineers Designed the MMP Models with a Replacement Feature

Filter replacement is maintenance for your water ionizer! | car mechanic with a tire | How To Change Your Water Ionizer Filters: MMP Models
Filter replacement is maintenance for your water ionizer!

Fortunately, Tyent engineers took ease of filter replacement into consideration when designing the MMP line of countertop alkaline ionizers.

Water Ionizer Filters and Their Functions

The primary functions of a …

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Why Reverse Osmosis Is NOT the Answer to Chromium-6

Posted by: On February 6, 2018 7:00 am

The cancer-causing contaminant Chromium-6, brought to the public gaze by Erin Brockovich, is at levels exceeding public health goals in 50 states.

Chromium-6 – Here to Stay?

Millions of people are trying to find a workable solution to protect themselves and their families and to avoid drinking contaminated water.  

What Reverse Osmosis Water Does to the Pipeline

A reverse osmosis water system is sometimes touted as a possible solution on both a domestic and municipal level.  After all, it removes contaminants and that’s the goal, right?

Unfortunately, reverse osmosis is not a solution on either front.  On a city-wide basis, aside from the prohibitive cost of building the plant, the stripped-back water – though admittedly free of contaminants –

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Christmas in July Water Ionizer Sale

Posted by: On July 10, 2017 7:00 am

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… Hang on.  That’s not right.  It’s not Christmas.  Is it?  Well, of course not, but that doesn’t stop us feeling pretty festive!  Join us as we count down to our fabulous Christmas in July Water Ionizer Sale!

Merry Christmas?  Did I miss something?
The Best Christmas Sale Ever – in July!

That’s right – alongside plans to hit the beach and slap on the sunscreen, you can pick up a Christmas bargain in our jaw-dropping sale!

The Tyent Water Ionizer Christmas in July sale is something pretty special.  We have incredible deals on our water ionizer range with genuine bargains to make this summer your best yet!

What Can a Water Ionizer do
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Are There Any Dangers with Alkaline Ionizers?

Posted by: On May 30, 2017 7:00 am

Big question.  The answer?  Well it depends on your ionizer, your source water and how the two work together.

Are there any dangers you should know about?
Source Water Worries

Let’s look at source water first.  Is your water contaminated by herbicides, pesticides, chemicals or even worse – lead?  The harsh truth is if you buy a water ionizer that doesn’t filter your source water properly, it can be dangerous.  The reason?  Well, some machines will process the water and produce alkaline water with a higher concentration of contaminants than the original source water.

Not good news at all.

What’s in the Water?

There’s also the “unknown” to factor in.  Pharmaceutical companies are producing ever-more complex medicinal compounds.  As …

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Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition, Part 3: Water Ionizer vs. A Water Pitcher

Posted by: On November 22, 2016 7:00 am

How are you enjoying our series on how well Tyent water ionizers compare to just about every other form of water gadget or machine on the market?  We want you to make up your own mind about which one comes out on top.  So we’re giving you the facts to let you decide for yourself!

Drink Water. Close Up Man Pouring Water Into Glass. Hydration

A Clear Pitcher?

The third comparison we’d like to make is with a standard water pitcher with an integral filter.  You can pick these up pretty much anywhere; the initial cost is low, and there are no installation requirements.  In terms of features, some are more stylish than others, although obviously, that’s pretty subjective.  The important thing is its filtration capabilities.

What Are You Trying

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Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition, Part 2: Water Ionizer vs. Water Filters!

Posted by: On November 17, 2016 12:00 pm

Have you read Part One of our special 10-part series looking at how a Tyent Water Ionizer compares to the competition?  

Do your taps need a little help?
Do your taps need a little help?

Well, without further ado, we couldn’t wait to bring you the second part of the series, taking a closer look at how Tyent Ionizers compare with water filters that fit directly onto your tap.

Are Faucet Filters Any Good? 

Faucet-mounted filters come in various designs, with differing filtration capabilities and construction.  These range from mechanical to carbon-types, and others besides.  Some filter out just one or two contaminants, while others remove more of the bad stuff from your water, but how thoroughly they do so varies tremendously.

Even if the faucet mounted …

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