30 Health Resolutions That Only Require One Small Change

Can’t face the commitment of long-term health resolutions that leave you feeling like you’ve failed before you’ve even got started? We hear you loud and clear. Stop beating yourself up and start working your way through the only list of health resolutions you’re going to need this year. Clock up these small changes and see BIG results fast!


30 Health Resolutions That Only Require One Small Change


1. Whenever you can, walk there. When you get there, take the stairs to wherever you need to be.

2. Find a form of exercise that you love so much that you always find it exhilarating and fun.

3. Ditch processed foods and replace them with the vegetables you enjoy most

4. If eating whole fruit isn’t your thing, then throw it into a blender and start making awesome smoothies.

5. Switch the mayo in your sandwich for avocado, juicy baby salad leaves or even thinly sliced papaya (trust us – it works with so many flavors!)

6. Serve yourself smaller portions.

7. Eat your meals on the nicest plates you have and present your food as attractively as possible.

8. If you look at a list of ingredients on a ready meal or processed food item and you either can’t pronounce one or don’t know what it is, think twice about eating it!

9. Drink more water. Alkaline hydrogen water from a water ionizer is the very best way to quench your thirst!

10. Fancy a high fat/high sugar snack? Count to 20 slowly before you indulge – you might change your mind.

11. Don’t deny yourself the odd treat and savor every mouthful when you have one.

12. Find a new hobby that keeps your hands busy so that snacking is harder.

13. If you got a fast-food habit, then try to quit it.

14. Cut out soda from your life.

15. Quit alcohol or limit your intake to one-two drinks per week, max.


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16. Switch to skim milk instead of whole milk.

17. If you eat meat, opt for leaner cuts.

18. Try meditation. Hold space with yourself and let your mind experience silence and calm.

19. No time for the gym? Include micro-workouts throughout the day: 10 press-ups during the ad break, a plank while you brew your morning coffee and so on.

20. If hitting the gym or running isn’t your thing, try swimming. It burns calories, is gentle on the joints and is a whole-body workout.

21. Avoid trans-fats, every time.

22. Follow a meal plan for the week that includes lots of healthy stuff that you genuinely enjoy.

23. Forget about finishing what’s on your plate – if you’re full, then stop eating.

24. Switch white for brown. Wholegrain and brown rice, bread and pasta are all healthier options.

25. Don’t skip meals and try to always eat breakfast.

26. Cut down on caffeine.

27. Get yourself a healthy sleep routine – it can transform your life and health.

28. Find some podcasts that you find mentally stimulating and/or soothing.

29. Learn something new: a language, a handicraft, a life-skill. Learning fresh, exciting things as an adult can be liberating and confidence-building.

30. Remind yourself of all the wonderful things about you. Your kindness. Your compassion. Your amazing sense of humor. Your ability to cook a killer chicken mole. Whatever it is, you’re amazing – never forget it.

Your Health Resolutions!

Do you have your own suggestions for making small changes that yield BIG results? Share your tips and make 2021 your healthiest year yet!

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