Expect the Unexpected When You Purchase a Water Ionizer from Tyent (Version 2)

“What can I expect when I purchase a water ionizer from Tyent?” How about that?  A question I don’t think I have had before.


The first thing you can expect is the unexpected.  The machine itself is beautifully designed to add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.  These stylish water ionizers are aesthetically lovely and constructed to perform their tasks with unwavering efficiency and durability.  They perform so well that Tyent is one of the few companies in the ionized alkaline water business that can offer a full Lifetime Warranty. 

After your initial reaction to the beauty, there is the functionality that is just as beautiful in its own way. Our award-winning water ionizers transform ordinary tap water into extraordinary Tyent Water which is so much better for you than before it entered the machine.  Once tap water is introduced into the system the magic begins.

The water is thoroughly filtered by our patented Dual Filtration System which effectively removes impurities and greatly reduces the presence of scores of dangerous and harmful chemicals as validated by a State Certified water-testing laboratory.  

What Happened at the Lab?

Dirty water loaded with so many nasty poisons that a chemist might not be able to pronounce them all, was introduced into the machines at far higher levels than found in tap water.

Filling document

After the Tyent machine completed its purification process, the effluent water emerged far cleaner and was not only drinkable, but fresher, and much safer. Our filters are capable of removing over 200 dangerous contaminants including lead. (You can check out our certified water report from a third party lab for a list of all the nasty contaminants that our filters remove.) Not only is the water made healthier by what is removed, but also by what is added in the way of minerals and antioxidants.

Moreover, the water was now ionized and alkalized, which makes it hydrogen rich and increases its beneficial properties.  Those benefits included producing antioxidant rich water and raising the pH level to a healthy 9.5 making it alkaline in nature.  We call this ultra hydrating ionized water, Tyent Water.

What Other Benefits Can I Reap?

There are residual benefits to drinking ionized alkaline water that you may not be thinking of if you are considering purchasing a Tyent alkaline water machine.  If you are one of the many millions that don’t drink tap water but don’t own a water purifier, you are probably buying plastic bottled water.  Not good.

The average price of a bottle of plastic water is around a buck fifty.  If you drink more than a bottle a day you don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that is going to get expensive in a hurry.

If you can afford it then you don’t need to worry about that aspect of buying water daily.  However, there are things more important than money and some that none of us can afford to overlook.  I speak of the incredible amount of pollution generated by the production and disposal of plastic bottles.

dump garbage on the street as a background

We’ve all been horrified by the images of floating masses of plastic in our oceans and the piles of plastic the size of mountains in landfills.  No one can afford to keep contributing to that and we don’t have to.  We can do our part by taking seemingly little steps to help preserve this world for those generations to come.  To stop purchasing bottled plastic water is a big little step. 

Another big little step? Download our free buyer’s guide to learn everything you need to know about water ionizers.

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