5 Reasons Why Buying a Chemical-Free Ionizer Matters

Not all water ionizers are chemical-free. In fact, some depend on chemicals in order to function.


5 Reasons Why Buying a Chemical Free Ionizer Matters


Why should you avoid chemical water ionizers and install a water ionizer machine that’s chemical-free? Let’s look at the issues here:



1. Water ionizers are designed to filter out undesirable contaminants – including drug residues and chemicals from your source water. It seems counterproductive to buy a water ionizer that potentially adds chemicals to your water, when most people are seeking to eliminate them!

2. Chemicals are frequently used as a cheaper, less evolved and less technically advanced alternative to certain aspects of water ionizer engineering. Filtration not quite good enough? Inadequate levels of electrolysis power? Apply a chemical fix. The most innovative, well-built water ionizers simply don’t need them.

3. Do you have young kids? A child’s organs, body and metabolism are not the same as those of a full-grown adult. Some water ionizer companies use sodium hypochlorite to enable their machines to function. Its more common name is “bleach.” Although the chemical residues are not intended to be drunk and are supposedly confined to the acidic water, there is still the risk of trace amounts remaining in the parts of the unit that process alkaline drinking water. Who wants their kids drinking even minute amounts of bleach?

4. When exposed to the electrolysis process, sodium hypochlorite produces toxic gas. Erm…water ionizers are supposed to help make us more healthy, right?

5. As if that isn’t enough, the Kangen Enagic ‘Flagship’ SD-501 water ionizer features a chemical injection port right at the front of the machine for the purpose of adding a ‘performance-enhancing’ shot of glycerophosphoric acid calcium. The question is, why?


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Chemical-Free: Don’t Settle For Less

Tyent has a different approach. Tyent water ionizers are built from the ground up by some of the best water ionizer engineers in the industry, using nothing but premium materials.

We make sure that every element, from our powerful, Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates to our unbeatable, medical-grade filters deliver incredible performance and ultimately, the best-tasting, antioxidant-rich hydrogen water possible.

Even better? A Tyent water ionizer does it all chemical-free.

Let’s Talk Water Ionizers!

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