Reduce Your Cancer Risk by Cutting off Plastics from Your Life

Annie’s are changing their Mac and Cheese packaging in a drive to purge dangerous chemicals from its products. Taco Bell has committed to removing similar toxic agents by 2025.

The reason why big-name food and beverage companies are acting now is that the writing is well and truly on the wall: cutting out certain plastics from your life can reduce your risk of cancer.


Reduce Your Cancer Risk


The Problem with Phthalates

These are the stunning clinical findings from scientists monitoring the concentration of phthalates in the food and drink we consume. We’re gradually building up a clearer picture of how the chemicals from various manufacturing and packaging processes end up in your food – and in your body.

Scientists are looking closely at a group of chemicals that are frequently used as a binding agent and to increase the flexibility and resilience of materials. These industrial plasticizers are ortho-phthalates, and most of us are consuming them, in one way or another.

How Phthalates Get into Your Body

There are several common ways that microplastics and chemicals find their way into your body. This list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Microwaving food in plastic containers or on a plate covered with plastic wrap
  • The glue used to seal packages and boxes
  • The foam trays used to package meat products
  • Microwave popcorn bags
  • Waterproof sealants on/in cans
  • Fast food containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Take out containers
  • Cosmetics
  • Tubing used to collect, treat and package milk

The Health Risks

The almost blanket use of phthalates has long afforded the group of chemicals a veneer of harmless, pacificatory practicality. Lulled by convenience and affordability, we’ve wrapped, packaged and sealed our modern lives in a bunch of industrial chemicals that are harmful to our health.

Research continues, but phthalates are already linked to:

  • Asthma
  • Breast cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Neurodevelopmental problems
  • Hormonal changes
  • Fertility
  • Reproduction
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Obesity

Bottled Water is Not a Solution

With the news that plastic bottles – including bottled water – can greatly increase the number of microplastics in your body, for many people, the time has come to make changes – fast.

Putting Your Family’s Health First with a Water Ionizer

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to cut down on your potential exposure to phthalates is to switch to drinking water from a water ionizer. A water ionizer transforms your source water into safe, clean drinking water that tastes amazing – all at the push of a button.

That means NOT drinking contaminated tap water, or water that has been sitting in a supermarket warehouse for weeks or months, but freshly ionized, hydrogen-rich alkaline water to help support good health.

Want to learn more? Call our team today at and ask about how to keep your family hydrated safely with a water ionizer.



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